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Blackjack has always been one of the most popular casino card games and it is a firm favorite among online casino gamblers. Blackjack reputedly offers the best odds to a gambler and in fact professional gamblers have at times made it their game of choice in order to win large sums of money in casinos. The game of blackjack is relatively easy to learn, but requires you to remember a few different strategies in order to really take advantage of the game.

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We recommend that you play for fun in an online casino in order to learn the game and try out the various strategies. Log into any online casino and select the option “Play for Fun” while you learn the basics. All online casinos will allow you to play for free while you learn, or for that matter, as long as you like.

In order to really win at blackjack, there is the basic blackjack strategy which does not guarantee success, but will put you in a winning mode. In order for the basic blackjack strategy to work properly it has to be followed without any deviations. If the Basic strategy tells you to stand on a score of 16 it means exactly that. You cannot change this rule even if you are feeling lucky or you are having a winning streak.

We suggest exploiting the online casino to the utmost. Print out a copy of the basic blackjack strategy chart and stick it up on the wall in front of you where you can see it and follow it unquestioningly. Now log into a online casino, choose to play “for fun”, select blackjack as your game and start playing. Keep a note of your losses and wins, but above all, play strictly in accordance with the basic strategy chart. No departures and no wild betting. Just follow the rules. You will win. You need to keep your nerve and not suddenly switch to playing for money. Take advantage of the free play facility that the online casino is offering you and learn the basic strategy as you would for an exam at college.

Remember that you are not playing against the other people at the table, you are playing only against the dealer and so is everyone else at the table. Don’t feel embarrassed at what you are doing – just keep studying and winning.