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Best Online Casinos Site for 2021

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Please Read General & Bonus Terms And Conditions At Casino's Offers Page.
4.0 rating

100% bonus up to $3500
It’s up to you if you take the $3500 bonus in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 first deposits.
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Please Read General & Bonus Terms And Conditions At Casino's Offers Page.
3.8 rating

100% bonus up to €100
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Please Read General & Bonus Terms And Conditions At Casino's Offers Page.

Our reviews are designed to help you, the player, cut out the time consuming task of filtering through almost 400+ online gambling sites. GoAtCasinos rating factors are important in the selection of your favorite gambling website and games such as online poker, Blackjack, slots and roulette. Every player has their own preferences, so it’s important that Online Casino list specific details so your experience can begin with less troubles and more excitement! After all, isn’t your playing time all your trying to focus on?

So go on, take a look into the wonderful world of online gambling and learn from others experience.

Bonuses & Promotions

Many people join a casino, simply because of the bonuses that are offered. You’ll find some casinos offering thousands of dollars in matching bonuses, which is almost unheard of. Some casinos will offer bonuses that do not require a deposit, before you can begin playing. All casinos require an account, before you can play in them. As long as you read the rules and regulations about the bonuses and promotions, you can get in on them. Some websites will have a code that must be used, in order to get a bonus.

Latest Casino Bonus
Get 100% bonus up to €100
T&Cs Apply
18+ Gamble Responsibly.

Please Read General & Bonus Terms And Conditions At Casino's Offers Page.
100% Welcome Bonus up to $3500! It’s up to you if you take the $3500 bonus in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 first deposits.
T&Cs Apply
18+ Gamble Responsibly.

Please Read General & Bonus Terms And Conditions At Casino's Offers Page.
Players located in the United States and Australia can enjoy a 250% Welcome Bonus up to $2,250
T&Cs Apply
18+ Gamble Responsibly.

Please Read General & Bonus Terms And Conditions At Casino's Offers Page.
$10 free sign up bonus with a 50x playthrough requirement before being able to request a payout of up to $170.
T&Cs Apply
18+ Gamble Responsibly.

Please Read General & Bonus Terms And Conditions At Casino's Offers Page.

Other websites will simply ask you to make a minimum deposit, and then the bonus is given to you automatically. Make sure to ask all the questions necessary, prior to depositing money into any online casino, so you can get your bonus. If you deposit money, prior to reading about a bonus, you may not get the bonus, because you haven’t followed the directions. Some casinos will have promotions, where you can continually win your money back or get prizes, as well as other compensations. It’s always best to read everything you can about a casino, prior to joining.

How do I choose an online casino?

I find that an important factor of choosing an online casino is what you’re specifically looking for. This can be one of the following:

  • Are you looking for good casino graphics and playability?
  • Are you looking for your favorite online casino game?
  • Are you looking for a casino with the highest payouts.
  • Are you looking for a casino regarded as the safest and secure?
  • Are you happy to download a software or just play online in a flash based casino?

All these factors come into play when trying to narrow down your favorite. Take a look through our review pages to narrow down your options.

Now, for the casino site. There are so many available casino sites for online gambling, that it is quite impossible to check them all. The best solution is to concentrate on the game you want to play. The most popular ones are video poker and slots machines. But of course, you find there all the usual games you find in a conventional casino all over the world, blackjack, craps, baccarat and so on. If you are at a loss finding a site, you can be helped by information provided by search machines like Google and other. They will give you a list of reputable casinos, with terms and conditions that you should thoroughly check before you sign up.

Below are more details explanations of what you need to consider:

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The software

Make sure you only play with reputable gaming software’s. Look for them when you go to the casino’s information pages. The major a more trustworthy software’s are Cryptologic, Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Playtech, Boss Media, Random Logic and OddsOn.



Be sure to look for 24 hour online support and test it out before you commit to playing. Look for a phone number and an email address and test them. The response time will vary greatly but this will help you decide if they are really there to help.



Unfortunately there are some online casinos who manage to get away with operating online without a proper gaming license. A good way to check if they are truly licensed is to check what casino software they are using. If it’s on our list then they would have had to apply for the use of the software with a valid gaming license.


Promotions and Bonuses

Sure, it’s great to get a flashy banner offering you a match for a cash deposit but it’s important to read the fine print to see how perfect this deal really is. Don’t just sign up for a deal without looking mroe deeply into the terms. They may only pay you the money if you win over a certian value for example.
Check the casino payout percentages. How much does the casino in average pay back to the players every time $100 has been wagered? This should be at least $95 (95%) or higher.

How do you review and rank online casinos?

GoAtCasinos.com review online casinos in many different ways, You can see a list of the different formats we offer in the right hand column of this page, these include “editors picks”, “best bonuses” and “Best Payouts”. A GoAtCasinos.com staff member with year of experience in the industry will spend hours in each and every casino to review their details. After the review is written they will then place scores against points such as graphics and software speeds. The public can also vote and all these scores tally to give you a total or overall score for the online casino.

How to Learn to Play Online Casinos

There are several steps in the way to knowing how to play like a professional online casino games. these steps are follwed from one easy stage to another, and by the end of learning everything the player of online casino games reaches a level he would never learn without such a method. Of course the most important thing to remember if you too want to learn by yourself how to play online casinos, is that every step of the way is a stepping stone, or a benchmark, that changes the student in a qualitative manner. This means that each steps need to be assimilated quite well before any progress occurs. After every little thing you learn, practice it at least five times. This is the rule of five that is known to all the online casino gamblers that started learning in the early 90 onwards.

Online Casino Options

Why did people make online casinos there preferred way of gambling? This ordeal had many reasons. First of all, online casinos offered a place you could go to without the need to leave your house. For people with disabilities and other problems of transportation, and people situated in distant places, online casinos offered a great way to participate in online casino games and have all the fun in the world. meeting other people from various parts of the world in online casino games is another reasons why more and more people decided to gamble online in the late 90’s. with online casinos, there was no longer the need to buy tickets, airplane or train, and you could eat the food you had in your house and save preciouis online casino gambling money you could use at roulettes for example.

Become an Expert Online Casino Gambler

First step of online casino expertise is to open your own notebook. Here you will write everything you learn on the subject of online casino. Gambling could be fun this way because you are writing in your own method and you can choose what the look and feel of the notebook would be. The cover of online casino notebooks should be short and simple and give the main idea of learning online casino games without hassle. You can also add a drawing if you have the talent to draw online casino tables and slots.

Advice for a beginner

Can you offer any advice for a beginner? There are many important factors you should know before you start gambling online. Researching what you need to know can save you money, time and possibly fines as you may end up illegally gambling online. here are a quick few points you should check before beginning.

  1. Know your local laws, it’s not always legal to gambling online in your state. Check our our full list of online casinos accepting US players.
  2. Try the “free Play” option available at all the best online casino’s. It’s a great tool to get you familiar with what you’re about to spend you hard earned money on.
  3. Try their customer support. A good casino will get back to you promptly and be courteous. If there is no response or their manners are lacking then it’s best to not play there.
  4. Check out reviews and any history of the casino you are about to play in. Check that they have a license and are regulated by a known authority.
  5. Read all bout their payout options. Some have limited payouts and some have limited methods of payouts.
  6. Don’t play the same game too long. The casino’s odds are in their favor so they want you to play for a long time.
  7. Learn your games. There is no point in playing a game if you don’t fully understand the rules and techniques.
  8. Check the bonuses on offer, some have strings attached and some offer legitimate great deals, look around GoAtCasinos.com for details with the best bonuses.
  9. Check the security of the online casino. Your personal data must be kept secure. Ask customer service how they handle it and check their privacy statement.
  10. Enjoy yourself, don’t stress too much or you start to make poor decisions.
  11. How To Join An Online Casino.

Joining an online casino is easy, you just have to follow directions. An online casino will require you to open an account, which only takes a few minutes to do. Personal information is needed to open an account, and then you’ll have to make your first deposit. Deposits can be made several different ways, depending on the casino that you are joining. When you join the casino, it’s always wise to check out the different bonuses and promotions that are offered, so you can take full advantage of it. Most bonuses are for new players only.

Why GoAtCasinos.com?

The site reviews the best online casinos available and have been chosen taking a number of factors into consideration.  The main factors for us including an online casino into our casino reviews site are :

  • they provide quality games;
  • allow free casino play as well as paid;
  • they are reliable;
  • they have a wide choice of games to play;
  • have adequate payment methods to allow you access to your money quickly;
  • that they hold their customers in high regard with secure customer detail facilities;
  • they are licensed and regulated;
  • overall that they provide a fair, safe and fun place to play casino games online.

Should any online casino we look at with regard to reviewing fail any of the above steps then they don’t get listed within this site and you get a list of proven, reliable casino gaming site choices to make your gaming experience online the best available.


Why would I gamble online?

Online gambling is a fun way to play your favorite games without all the hassel of parking, waiting in que for a drink and fighting the crowds for a good place at the table. You can simply relax in your favorite armchair, sip at a home made cocktail and switch between table at will. The most important thing to remember is to keep your head, change tables if you spend too long loosing or get tired.

Are online casinos fair?

Unfortunately there are some casinos which do take advantage of online players, this generally means that the probablility of winning is reduced for the player. If you find the best online casinos by checking out our reviews, you will more than likely be safe from these unethical sites if you follow our ratings. It is in the best interest of the best online casinos to be fair since their goal is to keep you playing with them as long as possible.

Where are online casinos located?

Off-shore is your answer. The extreme taxes which the gaming industry need to pay forces them to locate to areas where their tax rates are virtually zero. An example is the famous Caribbean islands. Here the laws are leanient to the casino industry, most countries around the world actually disallow licenses to online casinos. You will also find that various parts of an online casino are distributed around the world. For example, the servers may be located in the US but support and management may be from another locate entirely. The only important thing is to find the most reputable one to gamble with.

Why would you be blacklisted?

The main reason for blacklisting a player is the lack of funds. When your account is empty and you try to play anyway, your bets are turned down. Some players also set up more than one account at one casino, using the same computer and that is against the rules, most of the time, but the casinos know that right away, their computers are trained to detect such cases and then they blacklist you. They would not allow you to operate more than one account, no more than allow two people with two different accounts using the same computer. And being blacklisted at one casino means that you are blacklisted at all the other casinos owned by the same company. Under different names, many casinos belong to one same company. The choice of a name is very important to a player. Some will shun sites called after an animal, for example Black Cat or Super Tiger and give their preference to sites names after a gem like Lucky Ruby or Wonder Emerald, things like that. And without the player being aware of it, he plays with the same company…

Are online casinos safe and secure?

It is in the casinos best interest to make sure you are safe when gambling online. If there is only a hint of your money and account being unsafe, you would stop betting with a casino in a second, so it’s of the highest priority to keep you safe and secure. All gaming rooms, accounts and payouts are under constant servailance and encrypted with secure socket layer protection. It’s important to pick the best online casinos from our reviews list though.

When signing up, it’s important to provide your real and correct details as these will in future be used to pay out your winnings. If what you provide as a secondary check does not match your provided details when you signed up, you don’t get your money.

Do online casinos provide forms of gambling other than cards, roulette or craps ? What about horse races and sport events?

Sure.You choose your site, sign up and inform about the game of your choice and download the apropriate software. You can play chess, lotteries all over the world, football, baseball, any sport. You do not have to contact a bookie, the casino provides a form you fill, you place your bet, the money is deducted from your account and you’re in. If you win, what a thrill, you can go on, or cash out or have your money go to your account.

How old do I have to be to gamble online?

The majority of online casinos demand that you be at least 18 before you can open an account with them, however the minimum age for others can be 21 years of age. It’s important to always read the casino’s terms and conditions before you start playing. Imagine if you just won the jackpot but couldn’t take your winnings! Online casinos have special way to catch trickers so don’t even bother trying if you’re not of legal age.

How do I make a cash deposit?

Credit card deposits are accepted by most online casinos. When you deposit your money it goes into your personal casino account. This is where you winnings and losses are deposited and removed from. When you are ready to remove your winnings these can often be deposited directly back to your credit card you used to originally deposit with. Credit card deposits are accepted by most online casinos. When you deposit your money it goes into your personal casino account. This is where you winnings and losses are deposited and removed from. When you are ready to remove your winnings these can often be deposited directly back to your credit card you used to originally deposit with.

What online casinos accept US players?

If I am located in the US, can I gamble in an online casino?  There are unfortunately many online casinos and poker rooms which block US and Canadian residents. If a casino accepts bets from a US citizen, they might be either breaking US law or perhaps their own licensing agreements. These online casinos therefore don’t accept gambling from US citizens or from other jurisdictions that are attempting to prohibit online gaming.

There are still, thankfully, the majority of casino’s still accepting US players and Canadian players. Although they do accept bets, they still have limits of which states can actually play, so check out their list of approved US states before playing and your local legislator to see if it’s ok to play.

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