How to Win the Biggest Slot Machine Jackpots

It was several years ago that the largest ever slot machine jackpot was won. Back in March, 2003, a young guy walked into the excited atmosphere of the Excalibur Casino on the famous Las Vegas Strip and ambled over towards the slot machines. The Megabucks slot machine was free and so he decided to give it a spin.

He spent a grand total of $3 in under a minute before the jackpot registered a staggering $38.7million win. It was a record jackpot payout at the time and that record still stands today. So how does someone win these huge jackpots? Let’s see if we can discover how to win the biggest slot machine jackpots and if there truly are ways to improve your chances.

What is the answer to the age-old conundrum that has confounded so many slots players since the invention of these incredibly popular gambling devices? Is winning all down to a carefully crafted strategy? Is it a knack for knowing when a certain sequence of symbols comes up? Is it cheating by possessing insider knowledge as to the payout rhythms of a particular slot machine? Or is it just the pure, honest luck of being in the right place at the right time that makes a multi-million dollar winner on the slots machines?

The exact answers to those questions may still elude the finest minds of our time with perhaps the exception of the final one, but all is not lost when it comes to providing yourself with a greater chance of winning than most players. There are some well defined steps involved in improving your chances of winning on slots machines in general and those steps work equally well when you’re aiming for the really big jackpots.

  • The first step to take when playing slots machines is to make the utmost use of your own common sense. This is because there are some blatantly obvious giveaway signs that scream at you when not to play a particular machine.
  • The first of these is to spend some time observing which machines are played the most and keeping an eye on those that are paying out regularly. Steering clear of a machine when it has just unloaded several big payouts fairly close to each other may seem like the obvious thing to do, but think again. Most casinos place their best paying slots machines right in the line of sight of the entrance so that new visitors can see people winning. These machines will pay out higher and more often than ones tucked away in the corners. If there are some big jackpot machines in clear view of the entrance, then chances are they will be more likely to jackpot than others in less conspicuous places.

When you have settled upon a machine you like the look of and start playing, always play with the max number of coins it will take per play. This not only puts you in line for the biggest payouts, but slots machines generally pay out more to players who use max coins. Jackpot machines will often not divest themselves of their biggest jackpots to anything less than max coins, so you may get the winning line come up but if you only bet a dollar instead of five, then you will only get a small percentage of the jackpot. It could mean the difference between taking home several thousand dollars or several million dollars!

Of course every tactic that has an upside also has a downside. The downside for using max coins is that it will deplete your bankroll much more quickly. Some high jackpot machines require you to play as much as 75 times the value of the minimum bet to win the big one. In this case you have to ask yourself the question, “Did I come here to win a jackpot or just small change?”

Small change is easier to come by but it doesn’t produce the things that dreams are made of.

If you want a shot at a real life changing jackpot payout, then hunt down one of the progressive jackpot machines. These babies are connected to a network of other similar machines in the casino and often in other casinos too. A percentage of the money they take in bets is set aside for a single jackpot that grows continually. The level of the jackpot is usually displayed on each participating casino’s tote boards as a way of attracting more people to see if today is their lucky day. Eventually one of those machines is going to hit pay dirt and one lucky winner could be looking at a multi-million dollar lifestyle to take home with them! One such progressive jackpot machine is the previously mentioned Megabucks. Las Vegas casino players are eagerly awaiting a repeat its feat of 2003.

Progressive jackpot slot machines will also eat into your bankroll fast and they don’t pay out as many smaller wins as regular slots. But similarly to playing max bets, you are playing a progressive slots machine to win the biggest fish, not a bunch of minnows!

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